Monday, October 21, 2013

How Did My Talladega Picks Do?

Let's review how my picks from last week's Talladega preview video turned out:

Talladega Favorites
1) Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (led 38 laps and finished second)
2) Jeff Gordon (led 3 laps and finished 14th)
3) Matt Kenseth (led 32 laps and finished 20th)
4) Denny Hamlin (finished 38th, after an engine problem)
5) Jimmie Johnson (led the most laps, 47, and finished 13th)
6) Brad Keselowski (finished 29th)

Like I said last week, Talladega is the most difficult track to predict winners, because of the randomness of the finishes. At least we can take some consolation that Earnhardt, Johnson, and Gordon were the three drivers who led the most laps on Sunday.