Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kasey Kahne Won At Bristol! How Have My Other Predictions Fared?

Today, Kasey Kahne won his first race at Bristol. In my Bristol preview video two days ago for BSports, I said he would be a strong candidate to get his first win.

That being said, let's go back and see how all my previous picks have done in the 3 BSports videos.

Remember, these are the goals:

  • Highlight drivers with strengths and weaknesses at the specific track that weekend.
  • Identify drivers who, based on my statistical models, have a greater-than-expected chance to shine each week
  • Predict an overall winner

For Bristol:
Obvious Favorites to Win
Kyle Busch (Led 56 laps and finished second)
Brad Keselowski (Led 62 laps and finished third)
Jeff Gordon (Led 66 laps late before having a flat tire and crash)

Drivers Who Could Get Their First Win
Kasey Kahne (WON the race today and led 109 laps)
Greg Biffle (Finished 11th)

For Phoenix:
Drivers with a Strong Chance of Winning
Jimmie Johnson (Finished 2nd and led a lap)
Denny Hamlin (Finished 3rd)
Kyle Busch (Finished 23rd)

Non-Obvious Winning Picks
Mark Martin (Won the Pole and led 75 laps early before having problems)
Greg Biffle (Led 39 Laps early before fading to 17th)
Kurt Busch (Finished 27th)

Drivers Who Would Not Win
Brad Keselowski (Finished 4th)
Clint Bowyer (Finished 6th)
Kasey Kahne (Finished 19th)

And for Daytona:
Favorites to Win
Jimmie Johnson (WON the race and led 17 laps)
Kevin Harvick (Crashed out very early and finished 42nd)