Friday, November 6, 2009

With different points system, we'd still have a close title race right now

After Jimmie Johnson's lucky sixth place finish at Talladega, he now has a lead that is basically insurmountable.

First notice the F1 points system. If we used that in NASCAR, we'd have a very close championship race still. Anybody within 30 points of the leader (including Denny Hamlin) would have a shot at the title.

The ironic part about the Chase is that again this year it has a bigger difference in points than if we had just left the original points alone. In the old format, the top three drivers would be 79 points apart. Johnson and Tony Stewart would only be 7 points apart.

Obviously in the chase format the top 2 drivers are nearly 200 points apart. Much further away than without the chase format.

We've seen the same thing in years before. Very ironic. Or just more evidence we need a better points system.

Notice in that link, each year the gap between first and second keeps getting wider and wider going into the last race of the year. We'll probably see that trend continue again this year. The chases have become less competitive every single year. Is it time for a new tweak?

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