Friday, November 13, 2009

Paul Menard Could Clinch the FLOPPER Title at Phoenix

After Sunday's race in Texas, we are starting to see a very clear FLOPPER title picture wrap up.

1) If Paul Menard leaves Phoenix more than 161 points behind the next racer, Menard will clinch the award.

2) David Stremme lost his ride early this year, in place of Brad Keselowski, so he's not in the running for the title anymore this year. Remember you need to complete every single race to be in contention.

3) Menard's best bet is to sit out one of the next two races, and let the drivers between 27-30 compete for the award.

4) Sam Hornish gets special thanks for helping making this Chase interesting once again.

5) The weird thing is that in 2008, Juan Montoya and Paul Menard finished 25th and 26th in the standings. Only 1 spot apart. This year they are 26 spots apart. Imagine if we had seen Menard make the Chase this year instead of Montoya. Wouldn't that have been strange? Somehow I don't think we'll see Menard make the chase next year either. I don't even need a probability table for that.

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