Thursday, November 19, 2009

Menard Clinches FLOPPER Award Unless He Skips Homestead

After Sunday's race in Phoenix, Paul Menard now takes a commanding 164 point lead in the FLOPPER race going into the final race of the year.

Some interesting notes:

1) Menard actually still has fewer points than David Stremme, who has missed the last two races of the year.

2) Menard is the only driver on this list with ZERO Top 10s all year long

3) The max difference between first and 43rd is 161 points. So if Menard starts the race at Homestead, he will automatically win the FLOPPER award.

4) AJ Allmendinger, despite all that "young potential" attention he's been getting this year, still has not led a single lap all season.

5) How do these prize winnings add up. Of this list of ten drivers, Menard has the 3rd most winnings. And Jamie McMurray is 9th on the list, even though McMurray just won at Talladega. I thought they gave a lot of money to winners of big races. How does any of this make sense?

6) It will be interesting to see if any of these guys accidentally run into Jimmie Johnson and wreck his title hopes at Homestead...And how many of these guys will be in FLOPPER contention next year, either by running better, or not having a full-time ride.

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