Saturday, November 28, 2009

Earnhardt's Crew Chief Showing Even Worse Results

We had previously taken a look at how Dale Earnhardt, Jr. had been performing in the first 12 and next 12 races of this 2009 season, comparing him with and without crew chief Tony Eury, Jr.

At the time, the results were inconclusive any improvement had been made, because his performance seemed to be the same in both situations.

Now we can consider the final 12 races of the year, and the results show a severe drop-off in Earnhardt's performance.

First off we consider the full performance of Earnhardt this season, color coding the three chunks of the season. You see Eury's time in orange, and the post-Eury experience in yellow and green. The green period is everything since our last update.

Remember the last two races in yellow were top 10 finishes, so there was momentum going into the final chunk of the year, but in fact it has been a struggle. Zero top 10s since. Most of the time he didn't even finish on the lead lap.

Also notice the summary breakdown of those three parts of the year. Reflects the big dropoff that's occurred.

Finally, look at the points accumulated in each third of the season. See how Earnhardt's ranking has really fallen, while his teammates finished 1-2-3 in points during the same 12 races. The fact that Earnhardt is right between Bobby Labonte and Scott Speed is very weak, considering the equipment he is in.

I don't know what the problem is with the 88 team, or how they are going to turn it around. The numbers are scary though.

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