Sunday, November 15, 2009

Actually, Using Formula 1 Points System, Johnson Would Have Just Clinched

Due to Jimmie Johnson's win on Sunday at Phoenix, if we were using the F1 points system in NASCAR, Johnson actually would have clinched the title.

You can click on the image here for a bigger version.

Johnson would have more than a 10 point lead now, and that would be enough to clinch it.

However, the race for second place would be super close. With 2 points separating 3 drivers, that would be quite a race to watch Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Mark Martin battle it out all race long in Homestead.

The interesting part about these standings is that it might help tone down some of the complaints that Johnson only won this year because of the points reset and the Chase tracks working in his favor. Because these standings go for the whole year, it's actually an impressive feat for Johnson.

Despite our earlier blogs showing how close the F1-system title race had been proceeding, Johnson's performance in the last two months have really put him out of reach of everybody else. Four of his seven wins this season have come in the Chase. The ironic part about is that this F1 system was much closer than the real Chase standings were...until this week when Johnson got this clinch.

I'm actually personally not a Johnson fan, and actually am still hoping Mark Martin will win the title, but as far as this format goes, Johnson is the winner. Good job.

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