Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paul Menard extends his FLOPPER Lead

After Sunday's Race in Martinsville, Paul Menard extends his FLOPPER lead.

Though right behind him is a cluster of four drivers that are fighting to get back to Menard.

As I mentioned last week
, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has cracked the top 10 in the FLOPPER standings. It definitely seems that his crew chief switch hasn't helped his bad luck.

As I promised last week, let's consider how much money each driver has made, and how much that actually is on a per lap and per mile basis.

Martin Truex makes $463 per lap, the most of everybody here. The lowest is Elliott Sadler at $371.12, just squeaking below David Ragan by nine cents per lap.

Per mile David Ragan is the lowest at $282. And Reed Sorenson makes the most at $349 per mile.

I can't tell if a high dollar number here is good or bad. If you are running a lot of laps, that will bring your average down.

For comparison, Jimmie Johnson has made $518 per mile this year, more than any of the guys in our table above. But Kurt Busch, another Chase contender, has made $330 per mile (less than Reed Sorenson for example).

But all of that that pales in comparison to the whopping $1416 per mile Dave Blaney has accumulated this season. Way to stay efficient Dave. Good job.

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