Saturday, September 19, 2009

Paul Menard Takes over FLOPPER Lead as Robby Gordon Disqualified

Robby Gordon is no longer eligible to defend his FLOPPER award, as he did not compete in Saturday night's race at Richmond. Instead, he decided to run an off-road race in Nevada.

Is it possible that Gordon made this decision simply because he did not want to repeat as the FLOPPER? Was he made aware of his looming repeat championship in the last few weeks, causing him to conveniently skip this race? I'll guess we'll never know...

Nevertheless, we now celebrate the great PAUL MENARD as the new FLOPPER leader.

With his strong lap-down finish in 28th place, Menard now takes a commanding 82 point lead going into New Hampshire.

It is curious to notice the job status of who else is on this list:
David Stremme: lost his ride at Penske for 2010
Bobby Labonte: lost his ride *mid-season* at Hall of Fame/Yates
Reed Sorenson: lost his ride for 2010 at the new Petty/Yates team

Let's see if these guys step up their game as they try to find new rides for next year.

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