Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jimmie Johnson Has Most Points at Chase Tracks in 2009

Of the 10 tracks left this season, we have already visited 8 of them so far.

An interesting exercise would be to see who scored the most points at those 8 tracks on our first visits this season.

Here we go: (Note I am only considering the 12 drivers who made the Chase. In fact, Matt Kenseth and David Reutimann would be high up on this list. Kyle Busch would be ahead of Juan Montoya too.)

Not surprisingly, Jimmie Johnson leads this standings. It's possible the 48 team spent most of their research time this year focused on the "chase" tracks, and letting the other 18 races come to them more normally.

Brian Vickers, who barely cracked this year's Top 12, is also barely hanging on to the bottom of these standings. The last chase track we visited was the previous race at Loudon, 10 races ago. Since that time Vickers has been on a tear, and maybe he can carry that momentum to a more successful set of races the second time around.

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