Saturday, August 29, 2009

Updated What if Nascar Used Formula 1 Points Standings

As I showed earlier this month, the NASCAR standings might be a lot more interesting if we were using the Formula 1 points system. Drivers like Kyle Busch and Mark Martin would be in the thick of a championship race, we might not even need a Chase playoff with this format, and drivers like Juan Montoya who are racing ultra-conservatively would not be anywhere close to the title hunt at this time.

Let's update what those standings would look like if we were using the F1 system right now. These standings are after Saturday night's Bristol Race.

Notice here that guys like Kyle Busch and Mark Martin are in the Top 5, and that makes a lot more sense given how strong they've raced this year. Sure, they've had some bad luck and crashed out of a few races, but do we really want to penalize them that harshly for such bad luck? This is a question of major philosophical proportions. Is NASCAR in the game of rewarding good runs, or in the game of punishing you for a bad race?

Could we really accept a champion like Juan Montoya, who has been openly admitting to "Chase Racing"? Sure Matt Kenseth's "boring" 2003 title was the impetus for creating the Chase, but by keeping the exact same points system over the final 10 races, what have they really done to change this super conservative concept of winning?

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