Friday, May 1, 2009

Visualizing how Points get accumulated

Following up on my previous posts about Points Per Race (PPR), and how the patterns develop over a season. I wanted to show some graphical examples of this behavior.

In the example today, I considered the 2008 points standings. I counted only the "Traditional" points system, to remove the Chase's effect of reshuffling all the points. I looked at the Top 20 in points each week.

In the first chart, you can see the total points accumulation over the year. It's practically a straight line for each ranking. The only difference is the slope of the points accumulation. But it's a fairly consistent pattern that slowly spreads out the Top 20 over the season.

In the second graph, you can see the Points Per Race. After the first couple races of the year average out, there is a generally consistent level of PPR for each ranking. What it takes to be 5th place or 15th place is reasonably well defined.

You can click on each picture to get a bigger version.