Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2009 SAL and ALRL Rankings updated after Daytona

remember the SAL and ALRL rating descriptions from December. These data were very suggestive of potential championship performance throughout the year, so we will monitor these rankings during the season.

After Daytona, these are the current SAL and ALRL rankings are:

SAL Driver
474 Elliott Sadler
286 Kyle Busch
180 Matt Kenseth
49 Tony Stewart
28 Jeff Gordon
9 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
8 Bobby Labonte
1 Mark Martin
1 Martin Truex, Jr.


52% Kyle Busch
16% Elliott Sadler
10% Tony Stewart
9% Jeff Gordon
5% Matt Kenseth
1% Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
1% Bobby Labonte
1% Mark Martin
1% Martin Truex, Jr.