Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 FLOPPER : Robby Gordon

Evidently, the early adventures in this blog relate to bottom feeding, so let's send our advance congratulations to Robby Gordon, who, with one more race to go, is well on his way to earning the title of 2008's FLOPPER, the driver who Finished with the Least Overall Points while Participating in Every Race.

Michael Waltrip leads him 2840 to 2685, so as long as Gordon starts at Homestead, he will win the coveted FLOPPER award.

Compare all the drivers that started each race of the year, and find the person with the fewest points. That driver is your FLOPPER. Quite a different crowd then the DNF list we saw yesterday. This is a much more exclusive league. You need pinpoint accuracy to find yourself in this spot on the standings: good enough to find a full-time ride and qualify for every race, yet bad enough enough to finish at the bottom of the standings within the rest of your high quality colleagues.

And major kudos go out to Sterling Marlin, who was able to accomplish this feat in three consecutive decades. That takes dedication.

2008 Robby Gordon
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